Is gen5x a web application?

It’s smarter than a web application. gen5x can be hosted on the Cloud or you can use your own server/s, connecting sites via the web. gen5x uses a powerful database client installed on each user’s computer to access your data. Basically the user’s computer does the processing and the server supplies the data. This is much faster than a web application where the server does everything, generally for a lot more users than just your team.

Is gen5x accounting software?

Accounting software is made for accountants. gen5x is about helping your business turn a profit. While it’s helps you through job related tasks it collects the data that you can feed to your accounting software or pass directly to your accountant.

Do I still need accounting software?

Not for your day to day operations. gen5x handles your invoicing & receipts, purchase ordering, bills and payments. It provides a host of reports including tax reporting and profit & loss financial statements, but it does not create balance sheets. Why? Because that is an accountant’s job.

How does gen5x get data to my accountant or accounting software?

There is no magic here. All accounting software and accounting professionals need are the numbers: the invoices you send, the bills you receive, payments in & out and periodic stock levels.

The easiest way to transfer gen5x data is to use the simple built-in tools to create files you send to your accountant. He or she can then import your data into their professional accounting software.

If you want to transfer to your own accounting software then you can import yourself. It’s very quick and easy.

If you use Xero Accounting then gen5x will upload your data automatically.

Many of our long term clients still batch process their data into third party accounting software. One big fat invoice for all sales over a period and a few fat bills for the period. Takes them about 15 minutes once a month.

Does gen5x do payroll?

Every country, state and province in the world has different tax rules that change with the wind. Use a payroll system that caters specifically to your local tax rules.

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Gen5x is built on Apple’s FileMaker database so it works on Windows 7 or later, Macs, iPads and iPhones.

iPhones are generally only used for quick product lookups and stocktaking. They can access the full application if you are stuck, but you will be doing a lot of scrolling. Mini iPads work fine if you have small fingers. gen5x screens are designed to fit the standard iPad and works brilliantly on the large iPad Pro.

Do we need to enter all products?

A supermarket needs every product in their POS system. It’s easy for them. All products are already barcoded and product info comes electronically from the supplier.

Not so for jobs. There can be literally millions of products that you may use and the required data will rarely come electronically.

Sure, you will create a product list, but in gen5x the only “on-file” products you need are those that you stock. gen5x allows you to cost with, order, sell & despatch anything and still gives spot on inventory and actual cost reporting.

What support do I get?

Whatever you need to get rolling. Most support is via e-mail. We also do one on one Team Viewer sessions. When we release new functionality or make substantial changes you will receive video and PDF instructions. Training is not a money spinner for us. We want you up and running as quickly as possible and we want you to keep subscribing for ever. It’s in our best interests to keep you running smoothly and easily. And we do.

What does Job Control mean?

Strange as it may seem there are very few job control systems that can handle jobs simply and inexpensively. There are many industry specific systems that have evolved over the years, but they are generally expensive and very much “old school”. Expensive because of their limited market and “old school” because of the way they have evolved. Often industry specific software has actually been tailored to one large client’s needs, then sold on.

All industries have their own needs, but most operators still need to manage jobs. gen5x is not designed to cost construction projects or run the Olympic Games, so it is easy & simple. One job a week or a hundreds each day. That’s it’s scale.

Specialist trades, small scale manufacture, even legal practices. Materials, labour and time with day to day accounting.

Can I get my life back?

That’s why we created the software in the first place. Small operators often have major problems getting away from work. Problem is that THEY know what to do, but others will struggle. A week away can mean a week of fixing up the mess.

With gen5x you will find it much easier to standardise your processes and ensure that the “paper work’ is done correctly and at the right time. Nothing falls through the cracks because there are no cracks.

What if we don’t cost job or issue quotes?

Many of or clients don’t either. Verbal & written quotes, standard pricing and “Do & Charge” / “Cost Plus” are all part of the system. Getting the job costed and sending a quote are just a small part of gen5x. You can cost the job when you win it or as job costs are incurred. Either way you get spot on real time actual costs while you manage your job resources.

What’s wrong with spreadsheets and accounting software?

Many of our clients started off that way. A simple spreadsheet for estimating ,another for stock control and maybe one for scheduling bookings.

But … one at a time access, no security, minimal automation and a nightmare file library to manage.

Definitely better than nothing, but light years behind gen5x.

What if our staff hate using their computers?

They probably hate software that was not designed with them in mind. A nerd’s interpretation of what management needs. There are plenty of shockers out there. It’s called ‘top down design”.

gen5x is designed from the coal face upwards. Our logic is very simple … help the user get their jobs done and management reports are a freebie. Sales staff are more involved in the process so office staff get their jobs done with less hassle.

Will gen5x help keep staff costs down?

Staff don’t come cheap, yet so many businesses waste staff time because of poor communications and double handling.

Our clients get more from their staff and the staff get more from their job. No one likes their time wasted because it undervalues them.

Our clients also seem to hold their better staff for a long time.

Will gen5x help to sell my business?

Everyone wants out at some stage. Your business will sell faster and for a better price when you can show jobs, costs and sales figures, not just a balance sheet that many do not understand. Potential buyers want a system that works and has proved to help generate profit.

If a buyer perceives that they can jump right in and keep the machinery churning you are half way to a sale.

What are the hidden extra costs?

No hidden costs. The only extras you may choose to purchase are training and consultancy, Very few do.

How about training?

Training generates very little revenue for gen5x. New clients often perceive that their staff will need weeks of training, but that never happens. The most we ever have to do is a few days of “hand holding”.

There are over 50 training videos and every gen5x screen has it’s own help system. Pop-ups that refer to the screen you are looking at. No searching the Net for answers.